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Topic Title: Structures in Excel fly out of cells and go wacky
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Created On: 10/5/2011 1:23 PM
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 10/5/2011 1:23 PM
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Our company uses the Excel (Office 2007) plugin frequently to manage data. Randomly, structures will become detached from their respective cells and pop up on other parts of the sheet. This seems to occur when pasting other structures into other cells. Sometimes the structures that are pasted get screwy, sometimes the structures that were already there go crazy. Also, sometimes when copying and pasting multiple structures into an existing table, only the first structure is successfully pasted over. This occurs even when using "copy structure" and "paste structure" rather than ctrl c and ctrl v.
Sometimes this problem is corrected by closing down all excel programs and starting over.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Any suggestions to get it to stop?
We have been in contact with support at Cambridgesoft multiple times, but are unable to reproduce the problem while they are watching remotely. This usually results in the response "we can't see the problem, so you must not really have it. Thanks. Your case is now closed."
We have sent example spreadsheets with compounds that have jumped out of the cells and are "floating" on the spreadsheet, but have not received any help.

Anyone out there ever see this?

 12/6/2011 12:27 PM
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Has anyone else had these types of problems?
We have been in contact with various staff at Cambridgesoft, but have yet to get resolution. We have spoken with both helpdesk engineers as well as support managers.
To date, the only answers we have for problems are "targeted to be fixed", but the date for that is ambiguous at best. Specifically, we have problems exporting structures into the cells, sometimes double-clicking on excel structures (to open chemdraw for modification) and subsequent closing chemdraw to get back to the excel file causes the structures in the excel file to turn into images, not connected structures. Also, when copying more than one structure from one excel file to another, only the first structure can be transferred.
We are hoping to get a more specific answer.

It would be helpful if any other users of the excel add-in report similar problems.
 12/10/2011 9:11 AM
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No doubt ChemDraw for Excel exhibits wacky, undocumented behavior from time to time.

I have seen structures fly out. One thing that seems to be important is that the default style set for ChemDraw for Excel be the same style as ChemDraw itself. Even if they are not the same, you should make sure that all structures in the Excel spreadsheet have the same style applied (Molecule:Style in the ChemOffice12 menu in Excel) and then pick the style file (*.cds)

Another thing I make sure to do is after any sorting of a ChemDraw for Excel spreadsheet, you should do an alignment (Structure:Align) of all the structures. This is because the plug-in does a best-fit for each structure in each cell, but does not change the row height after sorting.

As for not being able to transfer multiple structures, I finally figures that one out. In addition to the column containing the structures you must also select for copying an additional column with text. You can delete that additonal column after pasting (e.g., in word or another excel spreadsheet).

Try these out and tell me if they work. I'm still trying to figure out how to copy and paste to Word without having the size of the structure change.

 8/30/2012 11:24 AM
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I have seen this on several occasions, sometimes to the point where the worksheets become all but unusable. The usual things like closing/reopening, rebooting, etc. have no effect. I have found something that does seem to work, however, at least so far: when a structure flies out of a cell, I double-click on the newly-empty cell to bring up the structure in ChemDraw, then immediately send the structure back to Excel into the cell it belongs (I do this by clicking the "X" on the ChemDraw page to close the page only, not on the ChemDraw X to close the whole program). I then delete the original, errant structure that had moved. The structure now seems to be firmly anchored in the cell it belongs and I don't see it moving around any more.

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