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Topic Title: Mac Compatibility Notes
Topic Summary: 12.0.x
Created On: 6/20/2012 5:03 AM
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 6/20/2012 5:03 AM
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MacOS 10.7 LION
The current version, 12.0.3, was developed and released prior to MacOS 10.7. ChemDraw 12.0.3 is officially supported under MacOS 10.7, but there are known features that will not work and are not supported.
• The ChemDraw Plugin does not work under Safari 5.x.
• ChemDraw remembers and reopens the last viewed/worked documents when relaunched after quitting the application.
• Multi-colored non-structure objects in a document turn to Black & White when applying document settings from another style sheet without opting to modify existing objects.
• Online menu items to ChemACX do not work.
Versions earlier than 12.0.3 are not supported on MacOS 10.7.

MS Office 2008 & iWork
Updated 11/17/2010

Microsoft has released an update to Microsoft Office 2011 labeled 14.0.1 that now supports round trip editing of ChemDraw 12.0.2 structures.

When copying a structure in ChemDraw 12.0.1 and below, the ChemDraw application would put a PICT of the image on the clipboard. We embedded chemical information into the PICT image, so that when that PICT image was transferred back into ChemDraw, the ChemDraw application would be able to interpret the picture as a chemically meaningful object that could be edited by ChemDraw. Due to continued modernizations in the Mac OS, newer applications are no longer supporting the PICT format on the clipboard. In newer applications, the use of PDFs to transfer copied images is now what is expected. This is why round trip editing between ChemDraw 12.0.1 and below and MS Office 2008 applications as well as iWork applications ceased to work.

CambridgeSoft has made changes to ChemDraw 12.0.2, so that instead of only using the now unsupported PICT format, we also place the chemical information into the PDF that gets placed on the clipboard when copying a structure in ChemDraw. The application that this PDF gets pasted into now needs to handle the PDF correctly, such that the chemical information is not stripped. Apple has this working with the latest version of Keynote. They are working towards getting the other iWork applications to also support the expected PDF with the chemical information, so round trip editing can happen in more than Keynote. Microsoft has released an update to Microsoft Office 2011 labeled 14.0.1 that now supports round trip editing of ChemDraw 12.0.2 structures. This means that documents created in Microsoft Office 14.0.1 and ChemDraw 12.0.2 now support copying the structure out of the Microsoft Office document, pasting it into ChemDraw 12.0.2 and editing it. Note: you must have the “Add PDF to Clipboard” preference checked in ChemDraw for this to work with Microsoft Office 14.0.1. It is checked by default in ChemDraw 12.0.2.

Currently the chemical information is being stripped from the PDF by Microsoft Office 2008 applications, such that what remains is just a picture, and not something that can be edited by ChemDraw. There are no Microsoft Office 2008 patches planned to address this issue. If you have Microsoft Office 2008 Mac documents and open them in the current version of Microsoft Office for the Mac, you will find that the structures still cannot be edited (they are just pictures) for the reasons above. You will find the same problem if you try to transfer a Microsoft Office 2008 document to Windows or if you open any Windows Microsoft Office document in Microsoft Office 2008 or above for the Mac.

If you have Microsoft Office 2004 documents which do enable you to cut the pictures out and edit them in ChemDraw and you open them in the current version of Microsoft Office for the Mac, you will find that the structures can no longer be edited. Users of Microsoft Office 2004 for the Mac will need to transfer the structures into ChemDraw, and then copy and paste them from ChemDraw 12.0.2 to Microsoft Office 14.0.1 or redraw the structure in ChemDraw and then copy and paste into Microsoft Office 14.0.1.

MacOS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
Version 12.0.2 (available from the Download page) has been qualified and is now supported under MacOS 10.6. Versions prior to 12.0.2 are not compatible with MacOS 10.6.

Intel Macs/Universal Binaries
The 11.0 and above goods are universal binaries, so we natively support Intel Mac (we also still natively support PowerPC as both basically are in the universal binary and the OS decides which one it will use).

Please note that the installer that puts the goods on the system is not a universal binary. This really should not cause any problems for most users as it is completely transparent. However, there are tools that can remove all PowerPC related code including the Rosetta translator from Intel Macs to save disk space. Since the installer will need some of this PowerPC related code, it won’t install. It bounces in the dock and then just goes away and nothing happens. If you experience this problem, you can reinstall the PowerPC framework (from the Apple OS DVD) and all should work.

MacOS X 10.5 Leopard
Versions prior to the 11.0.1 update are not supported under MacOS 10.5. 11.0 users can download the latest version from the Support download site. If you have version 10 or less, please upgrade to the latest version.

Safari 3
Versions prior to the 11.0.1 update are not compatible with Safari 3.0. Please download the latest Plugin (or if you have an application, download the latest application which includes your Plugin) from the Support download site.

Mozilla, FireFox and Netscape for Mac
The latest version of our Plugin supports Netscape 7.0.x, Mozilla 1.7.5 and above, and, FireFox 1.x

For users who have older versions of our Plugin, here is what we know:

MacOS X builds of Netscape 7.0 are required for the 10.0 version of the ChemDraw Plugin. Please note that MacOS X builds of Netscape 7.0 will run under MacOS 9.

With the release of the 9.0.1 update (available from the support download page) Mozilla 1.7.5 and above and FireFox 1.0.x and above on Mac OS X are supported.

The original 8.0 ChemDraw Plugin will crash Netscape 7.0 and Mozilla. Download the latest 8.0.x Plugin from our support download page.

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